Parenting in the Digital Age: 5 Tips to Keep Your Family Savvy but Safe

By Cara Beth McLeod

Like it or not, we are in the digital age and our children are growing up in a different world than anyone who has come before them. This is what we want, right? I think so, most days. It is no longer an option for parents to just not get involved in the digital world. You may not want to have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, but your children do want these things and are exposed to them everyday. If you turn your back and pretend it isn’t there, you are putting your child in danger. The question is: How do I get educated and set some rules about the digital age in my family? If you haven’t made this part of your value set as a family…. start.

Let’s start with the basics:

​While, some of this information may be overwhelming and a bit scary, it is important and necessary. This world is happening in almost every home. Embracing the digital world in your home will help keep your family educated, safe and tech savvy.