Thank you for inquiring about my Home Buyer Seminar.  I know you will find it to be informative and enjoyable, and that all your real estate questions will be answered.  I realize that purchasing or selling a home is one of the largest, and yet most exciting decisions you'll ever make.  I would like to offer my services in helping you make that decision.  I am always available to answer any further questions or concerns you may have before and after the Home Buyer Seminar.  If you would like to sit down and discuss your real estate options on a more personal level, please contact me directly!


     I can update you on the real estate market and on properties that may be of interest to you based on the client information sheet I have availanle for you to filled out.  If you should ever need my assistance, please do not hesitate to call me at my office.


     I will also be conducting future Home Buyer Seminars if you should know anyone who is interested in further information on the real estate buying or selling process.  As always I will have my team with me, which includes a lender, an attorney, and an inspector.


Thank you once again, your attendance is greatly appreciated!





Julie Richa-Bushore


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